What could make The Hobbit movies a world first?

Peter Jackson is going to make the The Hobbit movie a world first as it will be filmed at 48 frames per second and will be the first wide release feature film to be filmed at the higher rate.. So what makes this so special?

Over the last 90 years, the movies have been filmed at 24 frames per second, i.e. for every 1 second of footage 24 frames of images are captured, this was  mainly to keep costs down rather than for quality. With 35mm film you have to buy the negative and have the film developed and printed, so imagine the costs doubling if you went to 48fps, how much would movies then cost for us to watch?

There are also issues with 24fps, with fast movements you can get blurring and stuttering, 48fps will give a sharper and better image without the blurring. This will give a far superior experience in 2D and will reduce eyestrain for viewers in 3D.

Higher fps has been used before, mainly in theme parks like King Kong at Universal Studios. However, the digital age is changing this allowing movies to be filmed at higher fps, but this requires more bandwidth, storage and illumination. If you own a digital video camera that can film at 50fps you would notice considerably longer download times and need more computing power to be able to edit it and more hard drive to store it.

Warner Bros have been very supportive of Jackson filming in the new format and there is a possible a bit of risk involved for them as not many theatres are capable of showing this at present. It is hoped there will be considerably more  theatres capable of showing movies with a higher fps by the time The Hobbit movie part one is released in December 2012 giving a new experience to movie goers.

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