Lord of the Rings Characters – Saruman the White

Lord of the Rings Characters – Saruman the White

Saruman was one of the Istari or Wise Wizards bought to Middle-earth to help overcome the Dark Lord. He was very wise and spoke with a compelling voice and was the leader of the White Council – an alliance of Elven leaders and Wizards against Sauron.

Saruman spent a lot of time studying Sauron’s evil devices to see if there was a way of defeating him. Over time Saruman desired to have more power and convinced himself could control the One Ring with the knowledge he had gained through his studies, he deceived his fellow members on the White Council in order to give himself time to find the One Ring for himself.  However he unwittingly became one of Sauron’s servants and did his bidding.

Saruman’s downfall was at the hands of the Ents who attacked Isengard after seeing the destruction of the forests that Saruman had ordered so he could create the armies and weapons of war that Sauron required. Later Gandalf  removed much of his power through breaking his staff and ordered Treebeard to guard him in the ruins of Isengard.

In Peter Jackson’s triology, Sauron is killed by Grima Wormtongue in Isengard, but in the books, Treebeard allows Saruman to leave feeling he is a weakened old man and no longer dangerous. However he takes petty vengence on the Shire with Grima, destroying much of the Shire and its surrounds and enslaving  many of the Hobbits. The returning Hobbits of the Fellowship of the Ring best Saruman who is then slain by his servant Grima.

In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Saruman was played by English actor Sir Christopher Lee .

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